Windows Vista und Mac OS im Vergleich

Falls jemand in Sorge lebt, dass sein Mac OS nach dem Launch von Vista zum alten Eisen gehören könnte – in der Information Week gibt es einen großen Artikel zum Thema.

Ist Vista besser als Mac OS?

Maybe in a couple of low-level ways, like the randomizing memory address usage function, or being able to use USB memory sticks as additional RAM, but at the human level? Not even close.

I’ve yet to see anything in Vista that blows away the Mac OS, even a version of the Mac OS that’s over a year old. Microsoft still can’t manage to make something simple and easy to use. Vista reeks of committee and design by massive consensus, while OS X shines from an intense focus on doing things in a simple, clear fashion and design for the user, not the programmer.

Also Ruhe bewahren.