wired in december

052: “Dubai’s Gulf News estimates that more than 25 percent of the planet’s cranes are working in the city.”

056: “Q: If I’m busy at work with deadlines looming, is it rude to answer someone’s long involved email question with a simple „yes“ or „no“ A: Yes.”

078: „Fiction: Sitting too close to the TV will ruin your eyes. Fact: It causes fatigue but no permanent damage.“

078: „Wired: Google buying competing companies; Tired: Google buying innovative companies; Expired: Google writing innovative software.“

113: „Futurism has no future. Once confined to an elite group, the tools and techniques of prognostication are everywhere on the Net.“

148: (Ad) „The Impressa Z5 is the best equipped, most elegant and quietest automatic coffee center on the market.“ (… hallo Stefan)

227: „The state of the old commercial broadcasting model can be summarized like this: A spiraling vortex of ruin.“

Am Kiosk.

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